Welcome to the Pennsylvania Scorecard

Published on September 2, 2014

Making Pennsylvania a state in which private sector employers want to locate and expand their operations creating family sustaining jobs is the fundamental goal of the Pennsylvania Scorecard.

The Pennsylvania Scorecard was conceived by the members of the Pennsylvania Business Council’s Policy Roundtable – the senior executives of Pennsylvania’s largest employers.

The Pennsylvania Scorecard is a tool that improves understanding of the impact of public policy on competitiveness and the environment for private sector job creation.

The Pennsylvania Scorecard answers two important questions about the data covering 51 metrics of economic competitiveness:

Where does Pennsylvania stand today relative to 49 other states?

Is Pennsylvania improving or declining its competitive positon over time?

The world is not static. Driving use of the Pennsylvania Scorecard should be the imperative “no matter how good we are today, we must work to be a more competitive state tomorrow.”

We hope Pennsylvania policymakers will use the Pennsylvania Scorecard to identify opportunities for legislative or regulatory efforts that can make the Commonwealth more competitive for private sector growth.

We hope academics will use the Pennsylvania Scorecard to identify topics for more study and analysis.

We hope the media, public interest organizations, and NGOs will use the Pennsylvania Scorecard to further a civil discussion and debate regarding public policy.

We invite you to use the Pennsylvania Scorecard as needed and to offer us your comments and suggestions.