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The category of Infrastructure contains six measures involving both transportation and broadband internet access and deployment. These measure include the percentage of bridges structurally deficient or functionally obsolete, commute time, percentage of workers using public transportation to commute to work, freight rail miles, access to high-speed internet, enplanements, and total shipping tonnage.

Please note that due to lags in collecting and publishing data, some metrics contain data from the current year while others may lag two to three years behind.

  2009 to Most Recent Change Most Recent PA Score Most Recent Median Score Most Recent PA Rank 2009 to Most Recent Change in Rank
Percent of Bridges Structurally Deficient 28.48% 18.32% 8.54% 46 +2
Commute Time 1.12 26.50 24.15 38 No change
Percent of Workers Using Public Transportation to Commute to Work 0.27% 5.57% 1.49% 8 No change
Freight Rail Miles 1,640.00 5,130.00 2,588.00 4 No change
Access to High Speed Internet 15.00% 81.00% 81.00% 22 -11
Enplanements – Airport Activity 1,222,358 21,685,406 7,327,720 14 -2
Total Shipping Tonnage (in thousands) 19,446 72,569 29,396 10 -5