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Energy and Natural Resources

The Energy and Natural Resources category contains eight measures related to the consumption, production and cost of energy and water, two key business inputs.

These include the average commercial price for natural gas, the average residential price for natural gas, total energy consumption, total energy production, the average industrial retail price of electricity, average industrial price of natural gas, number of sewage treatment facilities and the percentage of the population served be public water systems.

Please note that due to lags in collecting and publishing data, some metrics contain data from the current year while others may lag two to three years behind.

  2009 to Most Recent Change Most Recent PA Score Most Recent Median Score Most Recent PA Rank 2009 to Most Recent Change in Rank
Average Commercial Price of Natural Gas $2.41 $9.42 $8.07 40 -2
Average Residential Price of Natural Gas $0.44 $14.30 $11.71 36 -1
Total Energy Consumption million Btu 7 294 299 26 +7
Total Energy Production trillion Btu 5,214 7,888 687 2 +4
Average Industrial Price of Electricity kWh 0.37¢ 6.59¢ 6.92¢ 21 +9
Average Industrial Price of Natural Gas 1000 cu ft $0.46 $8.73 $5.47 44 -8
Number of Sewage Treatment Facilities 1 46 9 2 +2
Percent of Population Served by Public Water Systems 0.37% 84.32% 89.34% 34 -5