Seeking an objective, fair and comprehensive appraisal of Pennsylvania’s position compared to other states

As leaders, we have a keen interest in defining long-term public policy strategies and solutions to make Pennsylvania more competitive. A critical element to gauge Pennsylvania’s competitiveness includes the development of measurement tools. Through identifying the most critical elements of a competitive marketplace and having a means to gauge incremental changes resulting from state public policy, we can guide government leaders and play an influential role in shaping the future. Our intent is to focus on solutions, not fault.

In order to encourage data driven public policy, and more objectively monitor the economic prosperity of the Commonwealth, it is of strategic importance to provide a visually appealing and publicly accessible repository of data sources related to Pennsylvania’s economy.

The primary goals of the Scorecard include:

  • Provide an accessible central location of relevant and timely data
  • Select indicators that are primary inputs to economic development
  • Identify broad-based metrics, with a focus on those influenced by state policy
  • Display Pennsylvania’s absolute and relative position consistently over time